Custom Plans

Initial Consultation

At this stage we meet to gather information and exchange ideas. We require a copy of the legal survey and the topographical survey for your lot, as well as a good idea of room sizes, design features , and total square footage that you would prefer. If the lot is in a controlled subdivision we would also require a copy of the design guidelines, and the city or municipality where the home will be built, so that we can design your home to meet local building and zoning requirements. There is no charge for consultation in the custom design process. You will be given a firm quote for the job based on a price per square foot. We would then require a deposit before proceeding.

Preliminary Stage

The “preliminary” is a drawing of the front view of the home and a rough floor layout which indicates the location of walls, windows, doors, appliances, bathroom fixtures, room sizes, and total square footage. We discuss the design with you and give you a copy to review at home. You are then free to make any changes you like. We will revise the preliminary drawings as required.


Final Drawings

After all your requirements are met, we then proceed to the final construction working drawing stage. The balance of our fees are due upon completion. We will supply you with eight copies, two of which will be submitted to your local building authority, and the remainder to your builder and construction trades people.